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Foyer Favourites to Spruce up the Entryway

The first impression, the grand entrance, the invitation inside the home – you’ve probably never thought about your foyer with such welcoming responsibility. It is, in fact, the entryway into the rest of your abode, so better make it an inviting, homely and beautiful space then.  


Comfy corner

The foyer might mostly be intended for passing through, but why not double-up it’s functionality by creating a seating area? A single chair with a side table will make for a comfy reading nook, whereas a bench with cushions will provide more seating space. Have a look at our Woodstock chair and Ruggens bench.  

riempie-bench-with-cushions  riempie-bench-with-cushions

Mirror magic

The foyer is the area you’ll hurry through on your way out of the house, so a hanging mirror for last-minute fixes will be a welcome decor touch. Besides this function, its reflective quality will also create the illusion of space in the entryway.  


Spacious scenes

A console table, server or side table are ideal furniture picks for the foyer. The surface space is great for keys, mail, quick grocery drop-offs and all those odd bits and bobs. Opt for a server or table with drawers to keep everything tidy and organised. This space is also great to display decor accessories, such as lamps, vases and indoor plants. Have a look at our range

elim-table-with-drawers  light-server-woodlight-server-wood-leather-ottoman

Walk this way

Make the first step inside the home, a warm and welcome one. Instantly create an inviting atmosphere by adding a rug to the foyer. Seeing as the entryway will receive a lot of traffic over the years, a rug will also help to protect the floor.

elim-table-wood-nguni-rug  foyer-furniture-chair-ottoman-sidetable-tableFoyer furniture: 

  1. Woodstock chair: R9200
  2. Namib drinks side table: R2500
  3. Elim table with drawers: R6500
  4. Block ottoman (45 x45): R1300
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Stylish Dining Room Ideas

A room specifically designed for the enjoyment of meals and sharing of conversation, must be a favourite in every home. Whether you have a traditional dining room or if the layout of your home lends more toward an open plan, you’ll want to create a convivial and warm atmosphere for all to enjoy. We’ve gathered dining room ideas to help you make the most of your everyday dining space.


Mix and match

Break away from the traditional dining room set by matching different chairs and benches with your dining table. This will give interior depth and interest to your dining room and create a trendy look. Have a look at our variety of seating options.


Accessorise away

Elevate your furniture with big and bold accessories. Seeing as your décor accessories can easily be changed and rethinked, you can really opt for trendy and seasonal pieces. Think vases, table runners, cushions, candle holders, plants and wall art to make a stylish statement.


Shed some light

An interesting lighting feature can really elevate the whole look and function as vocal point in the dining room. Choose from hanging bulbs, a trendy light fixture or a chandelier to hang above the dining table. Keep in mind that there should be sufficient light in the room, but a warm atmosphere should be kept. Stay clear of white or blue light as it could easily create a cold and clinical feel. Visit an Incanda showroom near you to view some lighting options.


Natural touch

Warm up a room with natural textures, such as wood and leather. Choose a few furniture staples in these materials to give a solid base to your dining room. Repeat the natural touches with raw wood tables, such as our linear table or leather dining room chairs and textured accessories.


Keep it interesting

Seeing as the dining room is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, it should be practical and comfortable, yet have an interesting edge to remain a well-lived and enjoyed space. Rather than opting for a square or rectangular table, consider a round or oval table. This will encourage interaction, ease movement and make the room have a relaxed feel. Another way to up the warmth and comfort factor of your dining room is by adding a rug. Pop in at one of our showrooms to have a look at the available options.


Featured products:

  1. Chunky Dining Room Chair 
  2. Riempie Dining Room Chair
  3. Classic Dining Room Chair
  4. Linear Bench
  5. Round Table
  6. Sahara Dining Room Table
  7. Cross Leg Table
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Furniture for the Braai Room

For most South Africans the braai room has become an essential part of the home. It’s not just a place where dad cooks on mom’s night off, but it functions as a casual dining space, gathering space, living space…and every now and again, the modern day man cave.


With the invention of the indoor braai area, the activity of cooking meat became more of a social affair, enjoyed equally by the braaier and the guests. It’s still a dedicated braai space, but with the luxury of easy access to the rest of the home, it also functions as an extension of the interior and décor theme.

staghorn-fern-ruggens-table  constantia-chair

Mostly built with joining doors to the living room and the garden, the indoor braai room creates a coherent flow from the indoors to the outdoors. Thanks to this feature it’s possible to enjoy this much-loved tradition all year round, no matter the weather.    


constantia-chair  ruggens-dining-room-table-and-bench



We’ve rounded up a list of Incanda furniture, which is perfectly suited for the indoor braai area: 

  1. Painter’s Bench 
  2. Bullnose Ottoman
  3. Ruggens Dining Room Table
  4. Jozi Chair
  5. Ruggens Server
  6. Rectangular Ottoman
  7. Linear Table
  8. Constantia Chair


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Create a Sophisticated, yet Cosy Formal Lounge

The formal lounge, known as the drawing room in the olden days, has transformed itself over the years, to become a more accessible room in the house. The formal lounge remains true to its original use – a designated space where house members or guests can withdraw for relaxation and privacy – but it has taken a trendy turn.

Much like the informal lounge, the formal lounge was designed for comfort, relaxation, lounging and hosting, but with a more reserved and formal atmosphere. It’s an ideal space for receiving guests, for relaxing with a glass of wine, for listening to music and catching up on reading. The choice of furniture also reflects a more formal décor approach – strong, bold pieces, classic designs and luxe fabrics.

Here are a few tips to achieve this sophisticated, yet cosy look:

Create a cohesive look by using two of the same chairs or couches in the space. For a trendy edge, choose a third chair or couch in a different colour. Our chesterfield couch and library chairs are classic choices for a formal living room.  

Stylishly elevate your seating area with a set of luxe cushions. Floral or velvet scatter cushions from Hertex Fabrics beautifully complemented the soft leather couches. We also popped a throw in a woven basket to feature as décor element, as well as a leg warmer on those chilly days.

Complement your seating options with a coffee table and side tables. Our oval coffee table and double decker side table was used in this formal lounge. A large ottoman, that matches your décor scheme, is also a great choice for a coffee table or centerpiece. Decorate with a variety of vases or gold homeware accessories for a sophisticated look.

Featured products: 

  1. Library Chairs // R9200
  2. Crystal Rug from Hertex Fabrics // R 8370
  3. Chesterfield Couch (leather, 2.2m) // R27 500
  4. Oval Coffee Table // R4600
  5. Klein Karoo Plasma (small) // R10 800
  6. Scatter cushions from Hertex Fabrics


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Bedroom Décor: Summer to Winter

Long summer days will soon be replaced with nesting indoors, spending more time under the covers and soaking in all that homely goodness. As the season slowly transitions, it’s a good time to swap the summer linens with rich fabrics and luxe textures. With a few décor staples and home accessories, you can easily transform your bedroom from season to season. Scroll down to see how we created a summer and winter bedroom look.

Give your bedroom a light and summery look:

Stick to light hues for your bedding – white, stone, grey or pastel colours.

Make a statement with wallpaper. This is a time-effective and easy way to transform your bedroom. Before carefully choosing a design, decide on the mood and overall look that you want to create.

Add a pop of colour with large floral designs. Incorporate this trend with smaller items, such as cushions, throws or wall art, which can easily be changed from season to season.

Add indoor plants to your setting for a lively, fresh touch.

karee-bed-wood  swazi-bedside-table-indoor-plant

Featured products: 

Karee Bed // Complete Wooden Bed: Double: R 11 250 | Queen: R 11 750 | King: R12 250

Swazi Bedside Table: R3250

Lamp: R2015

Seagrass Basket: R694

Philodendron Congo plant: R300

Scatter cushions & Throws from the Haus range at Hertex

*Did you know? We offer wallpaper services to assist with everything from patterns, colour schemes, sizing and installation. Make an appointment at any of our showrooms.


Give your bedroom a cosy wintery look:

This winter is all about a relaxed,“unmade” style in your bedroom. Combine natural washed linen and cotton with beautiful velvet and wool textures to achieve the look. 

To stay warm during the cooler months, replace your normal duvet inner with a feather inner. Feather inners are lightweight, yet suitable for moderate to cold weather.

To create that luxe, cosy feeling, layer your bed with throws and scatter cushions. We opted for a faux fur throw and a variety of yellow and navy cushions.

Arrange fresh flowers, indoor plants or décor accessories on the bedside table for a pop of colour.

*Our wood products are available in Natural Oak, Smoke Oak or Natural Blackwood. Our headboards can be upholstered with leather (colour of choice) or fabric.

linear-bedside-table-flowersbed-with-luxe-throw  bed-cushions-headboardchest-of-drawers-woodtexturesswazi-dresser-wood

Featured products: 

Chest of Drawers: R6900

De Rust Headboard with Studs // Double: R3900 | Queen: R4400 | King: R4900

Linear Bedside Table with two drawers: R3250

Swazi Dresser: R4750

Scatter cushions & Throws from the Haus range at Hertex

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Colour coded // 3 looks, one couch

Investing in quality living room furniture, that will last for years to come, can tally up to quite an expensive outing. Different colour schemes and home accessories can thus be life-savers when it comes to home décor. This month we decided to put words into action by styling a grey square arm corner unit in an informal lounge setting in three different ways. We played around with a trio of colour palettes to showcase three unique looks.

We opted for a soft green and neutral colour scheme to give a luxurious, refined and elegant appeal to the room. Cushions, plants and textured accessories were used to complement the corner unit and colour up the room. Incorporating plants into a room is an easy and affordable way to decorate, and you can easily rotate the plants from one room to the next. Another benefit of using plants and green hues in a room, is that it subconsciously reconnects us with nature, leaving us calm, rejuvenating and restored. What’s not to love?

copper and wood home accessories grey leather couchlounge setting with leather couch

Using black as an accent colour in a room instantly creates a sophisticated feel. The dark hue serves as an anchor point, which grounds and accentuates décor elements. Together with the grey corner unit and textured wallpaper, we used black and white patterned cushions, a nguni carpet, a modern standing lamp and dark leather ottomans in the lounge setting. The classic colour combination of black and white, paired with natural textures and indoor plants, gave this room an understated, yet contemporary look.

black home accessories living room with grey couchwood and leather furniturewood and leather furniture

For the third look, we decided on a navy and indigo colour palette. These hues are so versatile and pair beautifully with a range of colours. For extra seating and a pop of colour, we added two Douglas chairs to the setting. The colour theme was further extended with navy and white cushions, a light blue wool throw and an indigo patterned ottoman. When combined with white, especially in moldings, fabrics, and accessories, navy has a modern and classic appeal.

grey leather couchleather furniturelounge setting with corner unitgrey couch with cushion


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Design your kitchen for Entertaining

The days of the kitchen space being confined to cooking and cleaning are long gone. Nowadays it’s an area for whipping up delicious meals, for relaxing with a magazine and cup of tea, for homework, family time and for socialising over drinks. It’s become a hub for entertaining.

“The kitchen is still about utility, but it has evolved from pure utility to a beautiful space where people want to be.” – Mick de Giulio, kitchen designer (via

Take a seat

If room allows, add a few bar chairs to your kitchen island or counter. This will instantly create an atmosphere of socialising. Just think of the times you have friends over for dinner and you end up spending most of the evening cooking and chatting in the kitchen. This will make it so much comfier.


Sahara barstool    |   Impala stool   |    Springbok stool


Storage success

Being faced with a kitchen’s worth of appliances and products is enough to spoil any social mood. Keep things neat and tidy by storing the items, you only use once in a while, in baskets. Place them on top of your cupboards or under countertops for easy access, but an organised display.

Woven baskets on top of kitchen cupboard  

Easy to unwind

Having a wine rack or drinks trolley close to your kitchen will make the hosting and entertaining task a breeze. Not only will it be functional, but it will also make for a nice décor feature in your kitchen.

Wine rack

Spacious surface

Having enough space for chopping, mixing and prepping is the ultimate kitchen luxury. Make sure you have a spacious kitchen island or counter area with enough room to easily move around. Utilise this space for dishing up, unpacking the groceries or having a glass of wine.

Wood platter on kitchen countertop

Stylish shelving

Floating shelves can help to maximise your kitchen space and decorate your walls. Seeing as it will add to the overall look and feel of your kitchen, choose beautiful crockery and glassware to arrange. Remember to keep your shelves uncluttered and organised for easy use, cleaning and display.


Make it cosy

With the array of appliances and clean surfaces of a kitchen, the room can often feel cold and impersonal. Make it homely with a few potted herbs, indoor plants, candles and wall decorations.


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Bathroom Decorating Ideas for a Fresh Start

Whether you’re a splish splash, ready in 5 minutes type of guy or the lady who enjoys pampering the day away, visits to the bathroom are part of your daily routine. Better make ‘em good and relaxing then, don’t you think? Here are a few decorating tips to help you turn your bath and powder room into a stylish sanctuary.

Bathtub wood organiser with soap and brush 

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Instantly create the illusion of space in a room by adding a mirror or two. The reflective quality will allow natural light to fill the room, giving you a brighter and clearer view of things. Round mirrors, which channels the minimalism of Scandinavian design, are especially trending at the moment.

Bathroom sink with wood top and gold accessories

Green escape

Create a sense of serenity in your bathroom by adding a few indoor plants to the mix. Make sure you choose plants that’ll flourish in the humid conditions, try: ferns, spathiphyllum, begonias, bamboos, orchids, spider plants or philodendrons. If you’re not up for committing to a potted plant, arrange a few eucalyptus stems or air plants in a clear glass vase for a sleek décor touch.

Indoor plants on floating wood shelfIndoor plant on Springbok side table Indoor plant on Springbok side table

Basket beauty

Keep your bathroom tidy and trendy by neatly storing towels, soaps, toilet paper and everyday bathroom essentials in baskets. Not only are woven baskets great for storage, but the natural texture will serve as an interesting décor feature in your bathroom.

Black and white woven basket with leather straps for decoration and storage

Be clever about shelving

Open wall space in your bathroom? We see a niche for storage and decorating. Put up a few floating shelves to display indoor plants, vases and décor items or use the space to arrange your beauty products. Remember to keep this area uncluttered and neat, as you’d want it to make the room feel more spacious and inviting.

Bathroom decorated with indoor plants, wood furniture and decor accessories

Featured products:

White and grey woven planter R190 // Indoor plant R90

Mirror with wood frame R2750

Pineapple plates (small: R320, medium: R395)

Springbok Side Table R750

Sumba Basket R765 // HAUS towels from Hertex R430 each (available at Durbanville showroom)

Black and white basket R455


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A Festive Affair // Festive Table 1

This season our home décor drum beats to the sound of cheerful Christmas jingles. To get you in the celebratory spirit, we’ve put together three different festive tables, featuring products from our furniture and home accessory range. First up is a look inspired by the simplicity of Scandanavian design and touches of festive bling.

Achieve this look with a neutral colour scheme, pops of greenery, statement glassware and rose gold cutlery. Our two favourite details of this festive ensemble are the Mounted Staghorn Fern wall features and Wood Candle Holders. Both these items were created from off-cuts from our workshop.


Do it yourself:

Recycle clear glass bottles of different sizes and fill them with rosemary twigs for a fragrant and beautiful table decoration.

Featured products:

Steel Leg Dining Table (2.4m x 1.5m): R17 000

Chunky Dining Room chairs: R2950 each

Table Runner (6-8 seater) 40cm x 250cm: R290 / Table runner (2.4m table ) 40cm x 270cm: R310

Mounted Staghorn Fern: R450

Wood Candle Holders (set of 5): R190

Napkins (set of 4) 45cm x 45cm: R150 / Napkins (set of 6) 45cm x 45cm: R200

Delicious Monster Leaves (set of 6): R120

*Glassware, crockery, cutlery from @Home.

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A Festive Affair // Table 2

Wooden plates, textured napkins and terracotta pots with succulents beautifully adorned our Ruggens Table to create this natural, South African inspired look. This festive table features eco-conscious elements, such as wooden candle holders made from furniture off-cuts, napkins made from material off-cuts and wooden plates made from wood off-cuts by the talented ARK team.

Do it yourself:

For a special touch, buy little succulents to arrange on your place settings as gifts for your guests. Collect clear glass bottles to use as alternative to glasses. 

To set the scene we planted a variety of terracotta pots with succulents and cacti to create a rustic water-wise look. Overflowing round steel planters on the wall, grey place runners and wooden plates put the finishing touches on this rustic festive table.

Featured products:

Ruggens Table (2100 x 900 x 750cm): R6800

Ruggens Benches (1800 x 400 x 450cm): R2500

Place Runners (6 seater, set of 3) 30cm x 150cm: R210 // (8 seater, set of 4) 30cm x 150cm: R250

Napkins (set of 4) 45cm x 45cm: R150 / Napkins (set of 6) 45cm x 45cm: R200

Wood Candle Holders (set of 5): R190

ARK Wood Plates: R270.00 each

ARK Wood Spoons: R220.00 for a set of 4

Steel Planter (Small): R440 (+R250 with plants)

Steel Planter (Medium): R485 (+R350 with plants)

Steel Planter (Large): R580 (+R450 with plants)

Planted 5cm Terracotta Pot: R30

Planted 7cm Terracotta Pot: R40 

Planted 10cm Terracotta Pot: R70

Planted 12cm Teracotta Pot: R80

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