Raw materials used to create our MODERN ORGANIC look

Although our designs are funky, we try to maintain the original character of the raw materials we use.  Our leather has not been artificially enhanced, processed or stripped of its original grain.  This means you WILL still see some markings, scratches and minor imperfections on your leather.  Our leather is natural and it is your mark of quality to see these imperfections!

The same goes for our wood.  We do not try to cut away all knots and imperfections in the wood…it forms part of its character, and as long as it does not compromise it’s strength, we believe it is something to be celebrated.  Think of wood in the same way as water…it is not a limitless resource, we will have to start living with imperfections in order to be sustainable wood users.  So we invite you to become a trendsetter with Incanda’s MODERN ORGANIC look.

Lifespan and caring for your product

Correct care of your furniture will ensure a life-time of use, whilst everyday wear and tear will add to the item’s overall character.  Comparing your new Incanda product with a motor vehicle, the lifespan of your furniture depends largely on the intensity and frequency of use, rather than the number of years it has been in use.  For this reason, we cannot guarantee our furniture for a specified period of time. This, however, does not mean that we would avoid accepting full responsibility for an error or defect from our side. Should you encounter any problems with an item of furniture purchased from Incanda, we will be most willing to assist, at the earliest possible convenience.  (Please see our after sales service and guarantee policy)

In order to extend the lifespan of your leather furniture, please take note of the following handy advice:

  • Never expose your upholstered leather couch or chair to direct sunlight, as this will cause the fabric or leather to fade faster. It is important to be aware that all types of leather, just as is the case with fabric, inevitably fades over time and that this is not an indication of poor quality material. We can therefore not be held responsible for the natural fading of the leather we use in the manufacturing of our furniture.
  • Any liquid spills on furniture should be wiped off immediately with a wet cloth.
  • If your couches are going to be used in a high traffic area, or if you are concerned about unavoidable or possible spillage on couches, it is advisable to let us treat tturehe furniture with a fiber protection sealant.
    Please be mindful that this process needs to be repeated annually and that it is not a guarantee against all damage.  The sealant process may also slightly affect the appearance of open grain leathers, eg. buffed and suede-look leathers.
  • Regular treating of furniture with Incanda’s special leather food is advisable (once or twice a year) The product is available from the factory or from any Incanda showroom. Should you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, we advise more regular treatments (every three to six months)
  • Cushions with loose filling should be puffed up regularly to disperse the filling evenly and to ensure soft and comfortable seating. Should for any reason the filling not puff up sufficiently, kindly contact one of our showrooms for assistance.

Upholstered (fabric) furniture

  • As with with our leather furniture, avoiding direct sunlight is the best way to avoid fading over time
  • Spills can be wiped off or even washed off using a standard household fabric cleaner
  • A fibre protection (scotchguarding) is recommended for high traffic areas to improve stain resistance

Wood furniture

  • Our wood is treated with either an indoor sealant or in the case of our Ruggens range, with an outdoor sealant.  Normally a damp cloth is sufficient to wipe it down
  • It is advisable to treat your indoor furniture pieces every few years and your outdoor furniture annually.  We recommend the range polywax sealants from Woodoc.  Please follow the instructions on the label
  • Our blackwood is treated to slightly lightens its colour.  This process takes a month or two to fully develop.  If you anticipated a lighter look, give it at least a month and if it still bothers you, please contact us.