People and Planet


Although the product is our core business, my philosophy as the Owner of Incanda, is that people come first. This philosophy applies to both our customers to whom we offer a professional and personalised service, as well as to our valued employees. We are dedicated to creating a happy environment for our staff and we willingly encourage their personal and technical growth.

As each item is individually crafted, excellent craftmanship and special attention to detail is of the utmost importance. Dedication at this level can only be achieved with a happy and content staff complement. Therefore, when you visit Incanda and taken on a factory tour, it should not be surprising when encountering our group of happy, smiling employees going about their daily tasks.

Happy customers

At Incanda our greatest joy is having happy customers and we regularly post feedback on our facebook page. So head over their if you want to see what our customers have to say about us!

Social responsibility

The saying goes, charity begins at home. At Incanda we live by this credo. We have established an emergency fund for the benefit of lower tiered workers. They can access this for events such as informal housing burning down. We also help with school stationery. As the fund grows we aim to bring on board extra benefits.

Incanda also supports Thembinkosi Day Care centre, a creche in Mbekweni, Paarl where Gerhard has been involved for a number of years. Here Thembeka (Patricia) Vuka has overcome many serious setbacks and a lack of resources in order to provide a place of care, safety and learning for pre-schoolers without refuge.Gerhard started taking Incanda clients as well as friends, especially overseas visitors, to see the créche. As a result, some of these visitors became involved. This has led to the formation of the Thembinkosi Trust Fund. We help the children on a month to month basis with basic foodstuffs to provide a breakfast and lunch at the creche. We also help them on an ad hoc basis with various tasks and activities and school outings. School readiness is paramount, so we help with the curriculum and have matched up pre-school teachers from more affluent schools in Paarl to support them.

Environmental responsibility

Coming from a farming background and having a passion for sustainable farming practices, it just came naturally for me to also build in sustainability practices into our business. We have a long way to go, but the following steps are already taken:

  • We only use wood that is either classified as invasive species in its country of origin or wood that has been grown in a plantation – no wood originating from virgin forest will ever go through our facility!
    In line with our modern organic look we strive for a healthy balance between showcasing the imperfections on wood and leather and giving the client a high-quality end product. It is actually easier and certainly much quicker to just cut all imperfections away, but then you create a terrible amount of extra waste, something which mother earth does not need right now.
  • We supply the bulk of our own electricity by means of solar panels on our roof.
  • We do serious rain harvesting and have cut our water consumption by around 80% (Yes our factory has some serious roof and we bought a whole fleet of tanks on an auction long before tanks became valuable )