Furniture for the Braai Room

For most South Africans the braai room has become an essential part of the home. It’s not just a place where dad cooks on mom’s night off, but it functions as a casual dining space, gathering space, living space…and every now and again, the modern day man cave.


With the invention of the indoor braai area, the activity of cooking meat became more of a social affair, enjoyed equally by the braaier and the guests. It’s still a dedicated braai space, but with the luxury of easy access to the rest of the home, it also functions as an extension of the interior and décor theme.

staghorn-fern-ruggens-table  constantia-chair

Mostly built with joining doors to the living room and the garden, the indoor braai room creates a coherent flow from the indoors to the outdoors. Thanks to this feature it’s possible to enjoy this much-loved tradition all year round, no matter the weather.    


constantia-chair  ruggens-dining-room-table-and-bench



We’ve rounded up a list of Incanda furniture, which is perfectly suited for the indoor braai area: 

  1. Painter’s Bench 
  2. Bullnose Ottoman
  3. Ruggens Dining Room Table
  4. Jozi Chair
  5. Ruggens Server
  6. Rectangular Ottoman
  7. Linear Table
  8. Constantia Chair