When it comes to modern workspaces, giving thought to interior, layout, ergonomics and decor are becoming more and more important. Nowadays the look and feel of an office or workspace form part of companies’ brand stories and success. By investing in office interior design, chances are that employees’ mood and productivity will be boosted and a good impression will be made on current and prospective clients. We’ve rounded up a few design principles to keep in mind when adorning your office space. Have a look:

What is the function of the room?
What atmosphere do I want to create?
These are the two questions to yourself when planning, creating and decorating an office space, or any other interior space, for that matter. Derived from its name, offices and workspaces, are intended for work, business and productivity. Workspaces need to have a professional, positive and dynamic atmosphere that encourages efficiency and productivity. To boost creativity and teamwork, the layout of the space needs to allow easy workflow and movement.

Other than sticking to classic and neutral colours for the home, you can think outside the box when it comes to colour for the office. Opt for a colour combination that will bring the space to life and inspire creative thinking. Do a bit of research on the effect of various colour schemes – colours such as yellow, red and orange are hues that symbolise happiness and creativity, whereas green represents growth, freshness and safety and blue is associated with tranquillity, calmness and wisdom.

Your office and workspace is a trademark of your business and should reflect that in every possible way. The interior design should immediately show people who you are and what you are about – from the entrance, reception, waiting room to the hallway, conference room, office space and bathroom. Keep your company’s official colours and logo in mind and try to work it into your interiors. You can also put up your company vision, mission or values for an interesting visual and brand feature.

When it comes to lighting, natural light will always take the shine. Office spaces with large windows and skylights are therefore the desired light situation, but unfortunately not all workspace locations, layouts and budgets allow for this. If you are lucky to have large windows, make sure you choose light, airy curtains or blinds to fill the space with ample natural light.

Keep in mind that some computer work might require a darker environment, so make sure that the blinds can also adjust to offer enough coverage. When choosing lights, opt for bulbs with warm light, rather than stark, white or blue light. Warm light is closer to natural light, so the space will likely feel more homely and the light will be gentler on eyes.