The Classic African bushveld experience – nothing beats the strength and ruggedness of full grain Kudu leather. It is tough and durable, but please bear in mind that scratches and marks on the leather are part of the deal. If you are pedantic about defects, rather do not opt for Kudu leather.


Oxblood, Rust, Caramel

If you enjoy a rugged look but do not prefer too many scratches and marks, we recommend our Naku range. This is Bovine (cow) leather which does not originate from feedlot hides, but from cattle that have been raised in the veld. Therefore the marks are not as deep as with the Kudu, but it still boasts a very natural look.)


Tundra, Cigar

All our buffed leathers have been scuffed up a little after tannage to create the beautiful, warm effect of suede. These leathers are sealed with a silicone scotch guarding layer to prevent it from staining.

Bombardier Butterscotch, Zambezi Spice, Zambezi Dark

These leathers are not sealed and might stain easier in heavy wear and tear conditions. They are not recommended for high traffic areas.


Oxblood, Light Grey, Eggshell, Anthracite, Timberland Ruby, Cigar Shiduli, Kalahari, Timberland Grey, Hennesey Grey, Timberland Spice, Timberland Blue, Timberland Navy

Our standard bovine leathers all come in a semi-aniline finish, giving it proper protection against everyday onslaughts. The classic Bovine Oxblood has always been our top seller.


Nicotine, Curry, Chestnut, Saddle, Ginger, Pista Pecan, Pepper, Diesel Brown

Pull-up leathers are treated with oils and waxes on top to provide it with a slightly mottled look. These leathers age to give a very pleasant well-worn look over time. We do not recommend them for high traffic areas, as the ageing process might be too rapid.


Butterscotch, Regal Corra

Kudu is not the only game skin we use – our Oryx in butterscotch is also a classic with its large pebbles on its epidermal grain, and remains one of our best sellers.


Coffee, Oxblood

Our Indian Water Buffalo comes in a pull-up finish and we use this exclusively for our Chesterfield couches. This leather develops a beautiful antique look as it ages.