Tips for choosing the Perfect Chair

Kitchen chairs, rocking chairs, barstools, dining chairs, recliners, sofas, ottomans, office chairs…next time you walk through your home, take a moment to look at the variety of chairs you’ve gathered over the years. Why did you choose those specific chairs? We’ve put together a few tips for choosing the perfect chair:

Comfort is king

When visiting a furniture store in search of seating options, take the time to sit on each chair. If you immediately feel at ease, supported and comfortable, you’re sitting on the right chair.


Quality is queen

Other than comfort, quality should be one of the most important deciding factors when buying chairs. Do your research, ask the salesperson for advice and compare the material, features and design of various chairs before making a purchase.

Purposefully made

You wouldn’t want to sit in a rocking chair at the dining table or sit up straight on a barstool when reading or watching television. Keep purpose and practicality in mind when buying chairs.


Chairs are furniture items you’ll probably have for 10+ years, so be sure of the colour, design and overall style. Match the style of your chairs to the rest of the furniture and decorative elements in a room.

Is it practical?

Apart from the comfort and style, you also have to think about the practical aspect of a chair. Will it fit through the door of the room you want it in? Will it be easy enough to lift, move and clean?


“A house that does not have one warm, comfy chair in it is soulless.” – May Sarton


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