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All Incanda’s furniture are manufactured from the highest quality material available. With the correct care your furniture could last you a lifetime, while everyday use would only add to the item’s overall character. As with vehicles, your furniture’s lifespan largely depends on the intensity and frequency of use rather than the number of years it has been in use.  For this reason we cannot guarantee our furniture for a specified period of time. This, however, does not mean that we would refrain from accepting full responsibility for a mistake on our side. Should you encounter any problems with the furniture you purchased from Incanda, please contact us.

If both parties agree that the problem was caused by the use of inferior materials or poor workmanship, we will gladly repair the furniture at no extra cost. Please note that Incanda will not be liable for transport costs. We would obviously be more prepared to assist should a problem become apparent within the first two years of use rather than 10 years later.

In order to extend your leather furniture’s lifespan, please take note of the following:
– Never expose your upholstered leather couch or chair to stand in direct sunlight, as this will cause the leather to fade faster. It is important to be aware that all types of leather do inevitably fade over time and that this is not an indication of poor quality material. We can therefore not be held responsible for the natural fading of the leather we use in the manufacturing of our furniture.
– Try to avoid spilling liquid on your furniture. Should it happen, wipe it off immediately with a wet cloth.
– If your couches are going to be used in a high traffic area, or if you are concerned about your children spilling on the couches, it is advisable to let us treat it with a fiber protection sealant.
Keep in mind that it has to be repeated every year or so and that it is not an absolute guarantee against any damage. Also be aware that it might affect the look of open grain leathers like buffed and suede look leathers slightly.
– Treat your furniture every three to six months using Incanda’s leather food available at any Incanda showroom and the factory. If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, we advise regular treatments.
– Cushions with loose filling should be puffed up regularly to prevent the filling from moving around and to ensure soft and comfortable seating. If the filling no longer puffs up properly, contact any of our showrooms for assistance.

If you purchase wood furniture, please take note of the following:
– We do put some of the wood we use through a process to lighten the colour slightly. This process might affect the look of the furniture, depending on the reaction of the wood. Initially the furniture item might seem darker if the reaction period is not fully completed. Our wood products are sealed and a damp cloth might be used to wipe it down.
– Do not use any oily product during the first year after purchase to allow for the completion of the lightening process.
– If necessary wooden items can be touched up with a good polywax sealant available at any hardware store