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Terms & Conditions



Paying of deposit and delivery costs

  • Incanda will always quote a delivery date, subject to the paying of a deposit. The delivery date is valid from the day the deposit shows on our bank statement.
  • In the case of us not being able to keep to a quoted delivery date, we will inform the client immediately and make alternative arrangements
  • All products must be paid in full before delivery. Items stay the property of Incanda until fully paid

Making furniture to client specifications

  • We often get requests for custom build furniture. This includes any current Incanda furniture that is made according to specific, non-standard measurements, or from a photo or another catalogue or manufacturer’s specifications.
  • We will try our best to recreate the general dimensions, look and feel of the furniture piece but can’t guarantee an exact copy of the original item (or for that matter a product that looks exactly like the customer has envisaged it)

After sale service and guarantee

  • Incanda is serious about providing excellent quality and after sales service.
  • Although we are very confident that our furniture, if looked after properly, could last you many years, we cannot give a lifetime guarantee. Any piece of furniture can deteriorate within a few years if not handled with care.
  • Instead we have a policy of open communication with the client. If the client has a problem, they must report it immediately. If necessary, we will come out to inspect the problem and in consultation with the client come up with possible solutions.
  • If the problem occurs in the first year or two it is very likely that we will fix it without asking too many questions. On the other hand, if it occurs after ten years, it is unlikely that we will fix it at no additional cost, seeing that the items have been in use for quite some time.
  • With your delivery you will receive free leather food with leather couches and a guarantee form, which explains how to prolong the life of your couch.
  • Wooden items have already been sealed and can be touched up with a any good polywax sealant as necessary. Please contact the factory for more information.


  • If at any time a dispute occurs between Incanda and a client with regards to any deliverables of any nature, Incanda reserves the right to terminate the contract and will reimburse money received from the client as well as interest earned. With termination of the contract, there will be no further obligations between the two parties.
  • Incanda reserves the right to terminate a contract at any time without giving a reason. All money will be refunded with interest.


  • Only items returned after a maximum of 7 days will be accepted.
  • Items are returned on an ex-factory basis. Our delivery cost is subsidised and does not reflect the true cost incurred.
  • Collection cost on a return(s) will be 50% more than on original delivery.
  • Clients will only be reimbursed after the item(s) has been returned and thoroughly inspected by a sales person.
  • A minimum of 2.5% handling fee on the value of the item will be charged for any item returned within the first 48 hours after purchase.
  • A minimum of 5% handling fee will be charged on any item returned within 7 days after purchase.
  • If any damage or signs of wear and tear is found we reserve the right to not accept the return or charge a larger handling fee than our prescribed minimum.
  • A customized product(s), which may be difficult to resell, can incur a handling fee of up to 25%.