Stylish Dining Room Ideas

A room specifically designed for the enjoyment of meals and sharing of conversation, must be a favourite in every home. Whether you have a traditional dining room or if the layout of your home lends more toward an open plan, you’ll want to create a convivial and warm atmosphere for all to enjoy. We’ve gathered dining room ideas to help you make the most of your everyday dining space.


Mix and match

Break away from the traditional dining room set by matching different chairs and benches with your dining table. This will give interior depth and interest to your dining room and create a trendy look. Have a look at our variety of seating options.


Accessorise away

Elevate your furniture with big and bold accessories. Seeing as your décor accessories can easily be changed and rethinked, you can really opt for trendy and seasonal pieces. Think vases, table runners, cushions, candle holders, plants and wall art to make a stylish statement.


Shed some light

An interesting lighting feature can really elevate the whole look and function as vocal point in the dining room. Choose from hanging bulbs, a trendy light fixture or a chandelier to hang above the dining table. Keep in mind that there should be sufficient light in the room, but a warm atmosphere should be kept. Stay clear of white or blue light as it could easily create a cold and clinical feel. Visit an Incanda showroom near you to view some lighting options.


Natural touch

Warm up a room with natural textures, such as wood and leather. Choose a few furniture staples in these materials to give a solid base to your dining room. Repeat the natural touches with raw wood tables, such as our linear table or leather dining room chairs and textured accessories.


Keep it interesting

Seeing as the dining room is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, it should be practical and comfortable, yet have an interesting edge to remain a well-lived and enjoyed space. Rather than opting for a square or rectangular table, consider a round or oval table. This will encourage interaction, ease movement and make the room have a relaxed feel. Another way to up the warmth and comfort factor of your dining room is by adding a rug. Pop in at one of our showrooms to have a look at the available options.


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