“Everything has to match” is a common misconception when decorating or revamping a space in your home. It is possible to have more than one style in a room- the question is just how and to what extent?  When it comes to modern rustic spaces, the interior opportunities are endless. Mixing old and new, contemporary and vintage, sleek and textured are just some of the exciting options at hand. In this blog we’ll share tips on how to effortlessly fuse modern and rustic styles to elevate your interior.  




When choosing furniture and decor pieces for your setting, make sure to maintain a balance between modern and rustic elements. An easy way to create this balance and to accentuate the theme, is to pair contemporary furniture items with earthy elements. We’ve combined our C-Shape Side Table, with its simplistic, modern and sleek design with our timeless leather Chesterfield Couch. This modern-rustic blend does not only have a balanced appeal, but it also comes across as an intentional, curated and stylish ensemble.– SHINE NEW LIGHT ON OVERLOOKED DECOR PIECES –

Decorating or revamping does not necessarily translate into buying everything new. By rearranging your furniture, adding a scatter cushion or two or by repurposing old and overlooked elements, you can breathe new life into an interior setting. We like to think of this as an ode to forgotten decor items. Take time to think about the items you can reintroduce and repurpose – from flower-filled glass bottles and old books to weathered and lived-in leather couches. Consider revisiting your store room to dust off a few of the forgotten items; you might just be surprised by how they can take centre stage.– INVITE NEUTRAL TONES AND TEXTURES –

Although bold accents and colours inspire confidence in a space, modern and rustic can still co-exist with muted tones and natural textures. By opting for a neutral palette, with the splash of colour here-and-there, elements such as wood, leather and steel will effortlessly form a solid base, whereas decor accessories, such as cushions, books and vases will add vibrance to the look. We combined our pink Cape Town Chairs with natural pieces, such as our Sahari Coffee Table and Chesterfield couch.– LOOK FOR CHARACTER –

Identify the raw character in your space – be it wood floors, a retro style coffee table from your grandparents’ house, an old fireplace with a few cracks or high detailed ceilings. By combining these unique, lived-in, character-filled elements with contemporary decor pieces, you’ll achieve a modern-rustic look that is warm, inviting and inspiring.