Tips for mixing patterns and textures in your home

No matter how you define bohemian interior, it always comes down to mixing patterns and textures. Surely, you’d like to be a mix master when combining these two important design elements, right? When it comes to mastering this mix-and-match art, however, there are no rules. It all comes down to personal taste, the overall interior look and feel of a space and how bold or simple you’d like to keep your décor. In this blog article, we share a few basic, but useful tips on how to create a bohemian-inspired interior look by mixing patterns and textures. 



– Opt for a mix of textures –

Combining different textures can truly pull a room together and give it a warm and homely feel. By sticking to a cohesive colour scheme and using neutral décor elements throughout, you’ll easily texture up an interior space. Think of incorporating textures with various furniture and home décor pieces – be it a velvet ottoman, a leather couch or a set of textured linen scatters. For this look, we combined our Heidelberg Couch, with its leather finish, with a velvet Robertson Ottoman as a coffee table. The Hertex carpet we’ve used, adds another texture layer to the setting, whilst giving a bohemian flair to the room.– Play with patterns –

When it comes to mixing patterns in an interior space, the possibilities are truly endless! You can be bold, daring and experimental with the unique mix of patterns you put together. Opt for an interesting and complementary combination of patterns – think stripes, checks, geometric prints, floral details, animal prints, etc. High contrasting patterns will create vibrancy and energy in a space, whilst more subtle patterns will bring about understated elegance. To tie the patterned look together, pair it with at least one neutral or solid colour. – Add aesthetic accessories –

Another way to incorporate patterns and textures into a setting is with aesthetic accessories. Keep in mind that the décor elements should support and complement the overall look, but not overwhelm the eye with too many details. To complete our bohemian-inspired room, we used an eclectic piece of wall art, which picks up and repeats the warm hues of the furniture and rug. You can shop this statement canvas here.  At Incanda, we believe that bringing greenery into a room instantly adds life to a space. To add another layer of texture and visual interest to the setting, we opted for a hanging Fern and Fiddle Leaf in a woven basket.

We’d love to see how you apply these tips to create your very own bohemian-inspired look! Share your interior spaces with us on Instagram or Facebook by tagging us and using the hashtag #incandabohemian.