It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…and the festive cheer is all around!

With the season dedicated to gatherings, you’ll be spending many hours of celebrating around the dining table. Put some extra thought into this year’s table to make it memorable, cheerful and most importantly, gather-worthy. Follow these tips to a festive setting:


Think outside the box when it comes to your colour scheme – we’ve combined millennial pink, delft blue and touches of festive sparkle for an eye-catching setting.


When deciding on crockery, keep the menu and type of dishes you’ll be serving in mind. Food generally looks and taste best on simple country pottery. Opt for solid colour plates, rather than patterned plates, to highlight the detail and beauty of the food. If you want to add interesting, colourful crockery, do it with side plates, underplates and dish-up bowls.


Bring colour to the table with tablecloths and napkins. Balance out patterns and solids to create an elegant and cheerful setting.


What’s a festive table without fresh flowers? When arranging blooms and greenery, keep the height and size of the arrangements in mind to allow easy conversation and eye-contact.


Decorative accessories such as vases, candle holders and ornaments can be used to tie together the festive theme of your table. Remember to always keep it classy and in line with your chosen colour scheme.


For extra dimension and aesthetic appeal, mix and match your chairs. Combine classic chairs with contemporary seating options or use two different chairs at the head of the table for an interesting look.  


Make sure your table does not wobble. This might sound pretty basic, but it has happened to the best of us. Opt for a sturdy, solid table and secure the feet of the table with rubber or textured pads.