Foyer Favourites to Spruce up the Entryway

The first impression, the grand entrance, the invitation inside the home – you’ve probably never thought about your foyer with such welcoming responsibility. It is, in fact, the entryway into the rest of your abode, so better make it an inviting, homely and beautiful space then.  


Comfy corner

The foyer might mostly be intended for passing through, but why not double-up it’s functionality by creating a seating area? A single chair with a side table will make for a comfy reading nook, whereas a bench with cushions will provide more seating space. Have a look at our Woodstock chair and Ruggens bench.  

riempie-bench-with-cushions  riempie-bench-with-cushions

Mirror magic

The foyer is the area you’ll hurry through on your way out of the house, so a hanging mirror for last-minute fixes will be a welcome decor touch. Besides this function, its reflective quality will also create the illusion of space in the entryway.  


Spacious scenes

A console table, server or side table are ideal furniture picks for the foyer. The surface space is great for keys, mail, quick grocery drop-offs and all those odd bits and bobs. Opt for a server or table with drawers to keep everything tidy and organised. This space is also great to display decor accessories, such as lamps, vases and indoor plants. Have a look at our range

elim-table-with-drawers  light-server-woodlight-server-wood-leather-ottoman

Walk this way

Make the first step inside the home, a warm and welcome one. Instantly create an inviting atmosphere by adding a rug to the foyer. Seeing as the entryway will receive a lot of traffic over the years, a rug will also help to protect the floor.

elim-table-wood-nguni-rug  foyer-furniture-chair-ottoman-sidetable-tableFoyer furniture: 

  1. Woodstock chair: R9200
  2. Namib drinks side table: R2500
  3. Elim table with drawers: R6500
  4. Block ottoman (45 x45): R1300