Design your kitchen for Entertaining

The days of the kitchen space being confined to cooking and cleaning are long gone. Nowadays it’s an area for whipping up delicious meals, for relaxing with a magazine and cup of tea, for homework, family time and for socialising over drinks. It’s become a hub for entertaining.

“The kitchen is still about utility, but it has evolved from pure utility to a beautiful space where people want to be.” – Mick de Giulio, kitchen designer (via

Take a seat

If room allows, add a few bar chairs to your kitchen island or counter. This will instantly create an atmosphere of socialising. Just think of the times you have friends over for dinner and you end up spending most of the evening cooking and chatting in the kitchen. This will make it so much comfier.


Sahara barstool    |   Impala stool   |    Springbok stool


Storage success

Being faced with a kitchen’s worth of appliances and products is enough to spoil any social mood. Keep things neat and tidy by storing the items, you only use once in a while, in baskets. Place them on top of your cupboards or under countertops for easy access, but an organised display.

Woven baskets on top of kitchen cupboard  

Easy to unwind

Having a wine rack or drinks trolley close to your kitchen will make the hosting and entertaining task a breeze. Not only will it be functional, but it will also make for a nice décor feature in your kitchen.

Wine rack

Spacious surface

Having enough space for chopping, mixing and prepping is the ultimate kitchen luxury. Make sure you have a spacious kitchen island or counter area with enough room to easily move around. Utilise this space for dishing up, unpacking the groceries or having a glass of wine.

Wood platter on kitchen countertop

Stylish shelving

Floating shelves can help to maximise your kitchen space and decorate your walls. Seeing as it will add to the overall look and feel of your kitchen, choose beautiful crockery and glassware to arrange. Remember to keep your shelves uncluttered and organised for easy use, cleaning and display.


Make it cosy

With the array of appliances and clean surfaces of a kitchen, the room can often feel cold and impersonal. Make it homely with a few potted herbs, indoor plants, candles and wall decorations.