Decorate with Indoor Plants

To complement our furniture range and home décor accessories, we’ve recently grown our product range with a wide variety of indoor plants. It seems that once you start wandering down this leafy road, there’s no turning back! To start your very own indoor garden, pop in at one of our showrooms to view our houseplant collection and follow these 5 Easy Styling Tips for Decorating with Indoor Plants:

Better together

Much like humans, plants enjoy each other’s company. So go ahead, group them together! Make it visually interesting by mixing plants of different shapes and sizes. We suggest a variety of succulents, an African Milk Tree (Euphorbia trigona) or a spiller plant like String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus).

Elevation station

Indoor plants are nature’s art, so let them rise to the occasion! Elevate your houseplants to make a visible statement. Arrange them on a side table or stepladder or invest in a beautiful steel stand pot holder.


Be a minimalist or go bold

There’s no rule when it comes to decorating with plants. For a bold botanical look, more is more! You can get away with filling every nook and cranny in a room with a variety of plants – hang them from the ceiling, stack them on shelves, arrange them on the windowsill or group them in a corner. If you’re going the minimalist route, use one or two eye-catching indoor plants as décor features in a room.

Wall art

Don’t let a blank wall space go to waste – it can be the perfect canvas for your creative indoor plant ideas! Opt for floating shelves overflowing with greenery or consider hanging plants from the ceiling – add colour and texture to your walls with a macramé planter or leather and fabric hanging plant feature.


Fresh start 

Waking up to a beautiful plant in your bedroom may just be the best start to your day! Opt for a luscious pot plant on your bedside table or arrange plants on a floating shelf above your bed to create the idea of an ‘urban rainforest’ headboard.

It’s true what they say; a beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house – so go on, invite them in, embrace them and enjoy their company!

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