Create a Sophisticated, yet Cosy Formal Lounge

The formal lounge, known as the drawing room in the olden days, has transformed itself over the years, to become a more accessible room in the house. The formal lounge remains true to its original use – a designated space where house members or guests can withdraw for relaxation and privacy – but it has taken a trendy turn.

Much like the informal lounge, the formal lounge was designed for comfort, relaxation, lounging and hosting, but with a more reserved and formal atmosphere. It’s an ideal space for receiving guests, for relaxing with a glass of wine, for listening to music and catching up on reading. The choice of furniture also reflects a more formal décor approach – strong, bold pieces, classic designs and luxe fabrics.

Here are a few tips to achieve this sophisticated, yet cosy look:

Create a cohesive look by using two of the same chairs or couches in the space. For a trendy edge, choose a third chair or couch in a different colour. Our chesterfield couch and library chairs are classic choices for a formal living room.  

Stylishly elevate your seating area with a set of luxe cushions. Floral or velvet scatter cushions from Hertex Fabrics beautifully complemented the soft leather couches. We also popped a throw in a woven basket to feature as décor element, as well as a leg warmer on those chilly days.

Complement your seating options with a coffee table and side tables. Our oval coffee table and double decker side table was used in this formal lounge. A large ottoman, that matches your décor scheme, is also a great choice for a coffee table or centerpiece. Decorate with a variety of vases or gold homeware accessories for a sophisticated look.

Featured products: 

  1. Library Chairs // R9200
  2. Crystal Rug from Hertex Fabrics // R 8370
  3. Chesterfield Couch (leather, 2.2m) // R27 500
  4. Oval Coffee Table // R4600
  5. Klein Karoo Plasma (small) // R10 800
  6. Scatter cushions from Hertex Fabrics