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Tips for choosing the perfect chair

Kitchen chairs, rocking chairs, barstools, dining chairs, recliners, sofas, ottomans, office chairs…next time you walk through your home, take a moment to look at the variety of chairs you’ve gathered over the years. Why did you choose those specific chairs? We’ve put together a few tips for choosing the perfect chair:

Comfort is king

When visiting a furniture store in search of seating options, take the time to sit on each chair. If you immediately feel at ease, supported and comfortable, you’re sitting on the right chair.


Quality is queen

Other than comfort, quality should be one of the most important deciding factors when buying chairs. Do your research, ask the salesperson for advice and compare the material, features and design of various chairs before making a purchase.

Purposefully made

You wouldn’t want to sit in a rocking chair at the dining table or sit up straight on a barstool when reading or watching television. Keep purpose and practicality in mind when buying chairs.


Chairs are furniture items you’ll probably have for 10+ years, so be sure of the colour, design and overall style. Match the style of your chairs to the rest of the furniture and decorative elements in a room.

Is it practical?

Apart from the comfort and style, you also have to think about the practical aspect of a chair. Will it fit through the door of the room you want it in? Will it be easy enough to lift, move and clean?


“A house that does not have one warm, comfy chair in it is soulless.” – May Sarton


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5 Benefits of Indoor Plants

Not just a pretty sight – indoor plants have quite a list of benefits that make them even more of a must-have! On a mission to create suitable space station habitats, NASA scientists have done a lot of the research on the benefits of houseplants. And who are we to argue with the experts? We’ve summarized 5 Benefits of Indoor Plants to help you enjoy and appreciate your green housemates even more!

Plants make you happy 

Oh yes, they do! We all need a bit of cheering up every now and then – indoor plants promote a feeling of well-being; they bring a sense of calm and optimism. Studies have shown that elderly residents introduced to indoor gardening had a much happier mood and patients who have a garden view from their hospital rooms often recover more quickly than those facing a wall.

Purify the air

Indoor plants offer a much-needed breath of fresh air! NASA’s research found that indoor plants proved themselves to be surprisingly efficient natural filters; improving air quality by putting out clean air and removing household toxins such as – benzene, formaldehyde, and ammonia – all of which often lurk in the form of plastics, furniture, and carpet fibers. Their research found succulents to be excellent at cleansing the air and removing up to 87% of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Increase productivity

Indoor plants can improve your idea generation, concentration and your mood. Having plants in the room where you study or work can enhance brain capabilities, as shown by a University of Michigan study, where memory retention improved by as much as 20 percent! An indoor garden can improve your productivity – in a Washington State University study it was discovered that people who work in an environment with a few of houseplants tend to complete tasks 12 percent faster than those without them.

Improve health

About 10 percent of the moisture in the atmosphere is water released by plants – therefore instead of investing in a humidifier to soften the air, rather just bring in a plant or two! The more plants you bring into your home or office, the more you can improve the humidity in your environment – this, in turn, can prevent dry skin, colds, sore throat and dry coughs. A study by the Agricultural University of Norway found a 60 percent decrease in sickness rates in offices with plants.

Improve sleep

We all know that during the day plants give off oxygen through the process of photosynthesis – but there are a few special ones you want to keep on your bedside table as they give off oxygen at night too! Gerbera daisies, succulents, orchids and areca palms are some of these soothing helpers. Place these plants in your bedroom for an extra measure of refreshed air that ultimately leads to a better night’s sleep.

The benefits of indoor plants provide you with just the excuse you need to purchase another one, two or three…

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Decorate with Indoor Plants

To complement our furniture range and home décor accessories, we’ve recently grown our product range with a wide variety of indoor plants. It seems that once you start wandering down this leafy road, there’s no turning back! To start your very own indoor garden, pop in at one of our showrooms to view our houseplant collection and follow these 5 Easy Styling Tips for Decorating with Indoor Plants:

Better together

Much like humans, plants enjoy each other’s company. So go ahead, group them together! Make it visually interesting by mixing plants of different shapes and sizes. We suggest a variety of succulents, an African Milk Tree (Euphorbia trigona) or a spiller plant like String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus).

Elevation station

Indoor plants are nature’s art, so let them rise to the occasion! Elevate your houseplants to make a visible statement. Arrange them on a side table or stepladder or invest in a beautiful steel stand pot holder.


Be a minimalist or go bold

There’s no rule when it comes to decorating with plants. For a bold botanical look, more is more! You can get away with filling every nook and cranny in a room with a variety of plants – hang them from the ceiling, stack them on shelves, arrange them on the windowsill or group them in a corner. If you’re going the minimalist route, use one or two eye-catching indoor plants as décor features in a room.

Wall art

Don’t let a blank wall space go to waste – it can be the perfect canvas for your creative indoor plant ideas! Opt for floating shelves overflowing with greenery or consider hanging plants from the ceiling – add colour and texture to your walls with a macramé planter or leather and fabric hanging plant feature.


Fresh start 

Waking up to a beautiful plant in your bedroom may just be the best start to your day! Opt for a luscious pot plant on your bedside table or arrange plants on a floating shelf above your bed to create the idea of an ‘urban rainforest’ headboard.

It’s true what they say; a beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house – so go on, invite them in, embrace them and enjoy their company!

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Step inside the home of Handré Pollard & fiancé Marise Malherbe

It’s not every day that you get the chance to work on the home of an international rugby player, so our team was over the moon when the wonderful opportunity presented itself. From the grey and white surfaces and neat finishings to the open design and clean lines, the couple’s newly built home offered an ideal blank canvas to work from – any decorator’s dream!



For their future home, the duo envisioned a contemporary, timeless space, with a warm and inviting ambience. They wanted to keep the look and feel of their home modern, minimalistic and monochromatic, but with warm and personal touches. Both Handré and Marise are originally from Paarl in the Western Cape – they wanted to incorporate some elements of greenery, which remind them of their hometown, into their living space.


Get the look

To achieve the desired interior look, we paired structured, contemporary furniture items with textured fabrics, indoor plants, baskets, ceramics and wood details. We decided on a mix of leather and fabric upholstery for their furniture, which added to the interesting aesthetic of their style. To incorporate touches of nature into their home, a variety of plants were used throughout their living space, focussing mainly on the patio where we installed a vertical garden box and covered a feature table with greenery.



Product list


  • Riempie bench 1800 x 400 x 450 // Leather: Corrected Grain Ice White
  • Straight Leg Table 2400 x 100 // Wood: Blackwood – Natural finish
  • Greyton chairs // Fabric: Camelot collection, Cadbury col: linen from Home Fabrics
  • Plant holder, plant boxes & home accessories from Incanda

Living area:



Photographer: Larry English Photography


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