Bathroom Decorating Ideas for a Fresh Start

Whether you’re a splish splash, ready in 5 minutes type of guy or the lady who enjoys pampering the day away, visits to the bathroom are part of your daily routine. Better make ‘em good and relaxing then, don’t you think? Here are a few decorating tips to help you turn your bath and powder room into a stylish sanctuary.

Bathtub wood organiser with soap and brush 

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Instantly create the illusion of space in a room by adding a mirror or two. The reflective quality will allow natural light to fill the room, giving you a brighter and clearer view of things. Round mirrors, which channels the minimalism of Scandinavian design, are especially trending at the moment.

Bathroom sink with wood top and gold accessories

Green escape

Create a sense of serenity in your bathroom by adding a few indoor plants to the mix. Make sure you choose plants that’ll flourish in the humid conditions, try: ferns, spathiphyllum, begonias, bamboos, orchids, spider plants or philodendrons. If you’re not up for committing to a potted plant, arrange a few eucalyptus stems or air plants in a clear glass vase for a sleek décor touch.

Indoor plants on floating wood shelfIndoor plant on Springbok side table Indoor plant on Springbok side table

Basket beauty

Keep your bathroom tidy and trendy by neatly storing towels, soaps, toilet paper and everyday bathroom essentials in baskets. Not only are woven baskets great for storage, but the natural texture will serve as an interesting décor feature in your bathroom.

Black and white woven basket with leather straps for decoration and storage

Be clever about shelving

Open wall space in your bathroom? We see a niche for storage and decorating. Put up a few floating shelves to display indoor plants, vases and décor items or use the space to arrange your beauty products. Remember to keep this area uncluttered and neat, as you’d want it to make the room feel more spacious and inviting.

Bathroom decorated with indoor plants, wood furniture and decor accessories

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